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tv   [untitled]    June 13, 2012 9:32am-10:02am EDT

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dishwasher fronts i leave with huge dog and he might try to eat you but i will definitely protect you from him on them. my name is david i used to be from friends but now i am from the army this is why people know me as david friends from window. i for a business and management studies and walked as a sales representative or false authority but finally realized it was not for me i would be to feel free to do what i wanted to do when i wanted to do it for however long i wanted it the way i wanted it and we have what i want to. worry gone yes where. yes but its history. kilometers.
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ok. there. ya can take a. i have to say to you but from now on i would become a modern nomad using the great possibilities internet. what i can hear you say where it is the biggest website on the concept of hospitality exchange before it creates a profile in courage to describe a place very often when i have one very interest taste and so on you don't pay to join it you don't to host. it is a big community of people are traveling and giving a wrong though. either a friend couchsurfing or friend the internet internet friend hello i'm david tourists from china i don't k. ok. i got in here i was pictures take
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a look. founded. this one yes. it's my wife she's not russian. that's her. i'm russian but my wife just pushed your gear i taught art i'll get. your. all different for you. i don't know i just love is the answer. i am correct living for felting nine months of a project of mine indictor around the world he made two months and then they produced of course i don't plan to become fluent in all of them but just to be able to communicate and just a bit darker just so far i have tried to fifty seven countries i knew or thought you life used to shelter to have on the wire. rules leaves the question about. if you want to give myself ok i told him you
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will come yeah and he's ok. yeah it's ok there's something you're how much is too pretty yeah yeah yeah ok. my name is i don't know i'm twenty four i'm from the biggest book and i'm not crushed the first since three years was that around sixty people don't talk also i organize dinners party said my place because the present friends of course the first to be foreign us all russians are from other cities and. to your home and you become very true i'm not thrilled uncomfortable to have a holiday home in the person is. not so open and just wants to stay around and to simply as work and doesn't communicate a lot with me it can be a problem try to open this person and if it doesn't happen doesn't happen this person leaves and and sometimes even people go to the hospital and then just leave
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the place sometimes happens. here i got to meet some of my previous experience i feel sure it's me to our best friends and be able to get through how i could beat people from europe but that's why they often marry cats of america. once. again you keep and the. ok maybe one year just one day i just want. ok maybe to make a little something. here i'd like to be treated and vij what cultural things about but as well getting the chance to improve my in origin of the local critter and reach french english spanish. i bought it. big quite right. next five languages
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my plan isn't just to be a bird to have a conversation the basic of inflation you know not to talk about like pigs and so i said to the german now you could be. japanese chinese when they're in an arabic. i always to do cultural thing but it's kind of to invite one night i didn't find a coach for any reason i had my plans i arrived too late taking i want to go invest case i actually go on the streets and i asked people or to place so i was very valid when i was very very know but it's not a sprint and so when i do research some people do feel gun crazy. supermarkets here. you mean you want to buy something to eat yes there is morning the opposite direction if you could tell me what exactly you would like to buy. chicken chicken. a live chicken. i have some money because i used to work in france so i save some money i live on
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one of the other also months but i couldn't we've got money out or i made some experiments like i tried for one month in spain we've got using money. my russian is poor we will understand each other. we will understand each other so you can. you know what. i guess. you want to. it's own eggs. so what how do you think about the first time for me of course there is a challenge. yeah time is you know when. the same time as you but still. interesting experience for me because you introduced me to your friend don here is
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that it will never happen. to. mongolia was our first true proserpine experience will save us down the us in this in the scare. and it's kind of a get your truck eight meters in diameter just tiny tiny tank but this amazing family of four children it was really interesting to see because you're completely immersed in their way of life and. q. m. sometimes i recycle quite a friend and. what are you doing now i'm coming in five minutes by the prime minister back to grow from russia to make the call to argentina to get in five
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minutes it's a bit complicated so i can to do recent alternately you've been doing this twenty years ago i would feel lonely no one days and thanks to in turn it i don't feel it because we can target by you made by. video conference like skype or extra and yeah so i scream including you because i wanted to tell you about the surprise. you know so i just arrived. i would stay for one month and i was he to come back. during for euro cup two q yes we'd be away question these. days dave you. know what show what. i think about my.
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wealthy british style sun it's spot on. market why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy which might stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines kinds of reports. my name is good i'm strong i'm good but i hold believe in instant. things eighty years old. would you tell me where the market is here oh thank you but there's no
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wonder why it's closed on sundays closed on sundays. i can't say i am a very social person doll i like will communicate with distant people but usually in daily life i have funded difficult to do and often feel some distance with the real life around me sometimes sentiment helps me to communicate with people because that is not all psychological barrier is fear of distance and long. profession. but by my choice i am an artist i was very happy when i found close to often because i could meet different people in the hour to uncover the real talk. it was really great because i think like in the west
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people have their own rooms they're very individualistic but they don't interact as much this is all in one room so there you look a month ago. when i got there it's definitely an interesting chapter you're about to take that. i have never used course telson to stay at someone's place and just to see i decided to go as close to my blog. parrots you know. hello how are you this sort of none of it's ok and you're found my lover this little. girl. and welcome to my home and my little girl who is this. lying in this picture room. i work in the matter of public libraries. my profession is softer easier but. i work in the in this public library.
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computer specialist and then i met with my letting the lever now you have a partner in this. that this is my office room. and i work on her and this is the man now and they think i might call the doctor and my cozen and then david come to my room and then be able to read it to go my home by bus. i'm not telling a lot out there on the couch surfing. or net talk shareholders pay for specific to my family i read a happy to be ambassador it's all it's just is not so big and everything is you know walking distance from this today use this and then you continue your who you are you can't last. in a war there are a lot have out of pocket and they have it extract if you will they can use then to
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if you are very very. christian and western about cancer and they can organize that publicly talk to share out of member experience. we should do this is the sound of money yes you could crush his thunder to exist it didn't notice at the gym just to bend minutes is enough known to descend to no. one hundred plus the steps to my home oh yeah that's it let's do it. this is counted did my and they're convinced now yeah you know our offense. it's a big and because one two three or four families like this is not on the amount of
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time he lent and that's good is my god this is not a civilian this is. my own times and i'm the. they are looking looking for you. kira yes come in here come and catch my family. took off our shoes sure. because people underfloor her. and don't know yet. if you post. just talk. then you should move your. question is the does not have a feeling that i must comply with these rules for example one day i simply put down the jacket but the bag said that i had to fold it and put it so that the caller
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pointed north actually where they had a kind of a buddhist altar. and i couldn't help thinking that it made no difference which direction it faced. horizon. look at them but then it struck me immediately that i was a guest at a man's care and had to act appropriately respecting their traditions i am their guests. you. can catch. it from there my name is. there. for an old sixty years. after. my name and sitter and i hope my step will be bless your home when we thank you i need you like mine and you should have visitors is not from cheers don't have much room
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inside it's a kitchen and bedroom at the same time but even then you do not feel crammed in a small room of the month there was little space there and did but as people were talking to me we did not feel the space between us and it made the character in much bigger. by fairly hostile people who want very very wrong were there to go along lol. children and a grandfather and that was a great experience. to my family great because i said today if i say them i want to make it if i could make you. how is my boarding a capacity and then one going. to. get content and i consider you. mr clean.
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little. you think tank in mongolia. you. know no. it's just it's just on the top of the. mood you just told the t i want to spend one hour tradition. then you have a new music t.v. we've. put does some keys to dollar gold and then now my love is going to put the new students to their god place after that. for my host in mongolia i did present it's george couple in georgia national dressed. men used to going to this is this no no he's going to fight. this is nice. and.
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then national they hand over the drug business and arrest the part of northern east . in the region that have a lot of different regions and. this is written so this isn't the national interest to know. thank you this is our home and bread oh boy and you know this is the room. this is and. the day. i reckon your.
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home was. all right then it's not all right. i just want to write you a crab. ok thank you. yes for. showering here is an issue. if you think of how people used to wash themselves special rules and try to leave as your ancestors did. well i think it is an interesting experience is. it. really passed you by doing no. stop. just. so.
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i like the children very much they go to school in their own even though the girl is only in first grade and it takes about an hour to get there because they bring me to the center and then i walk by myself and look around the city. but if i did not have the map that begs true for me it would be next to impossible to visit the places i wanted to see. challenging life chapter and i ask of the why are you why so why are you do you
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want to learn music along with him and hard. to say i want to make right on target on the war in kind of third movie. i really like the host's wife we cook together i asked her if she always cooked alone the question sounded a bit rude i think perhaps she took offense or probably misunderstood me she said that her family always helps her through as she her children husband are one hole that's wonderful for her everything they do they do together well missed that month . he says and that it was slow and. like.
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it's really really tasty and. also it's very good for our health and health costs because you know all the food then sao paulo gondek you won't tell you how much is going in my good you know keeping our distribution these are very costly exercise right i'm not going to do you any good for your tongue. and we need. to do it. at the end didn't get this interesting doing things that you have never done before this is a challenge a challenge to your own self these are in your emotions and new experiences and
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probably a new attitude towards life it's. this i want to hear my. friend. she resisted through my plan good last tuesday and then now you. just kind of visit this love you and then the ministry it's our marriage i hope you are the enjoy the. life. is it's long. because i want to see other countries in the world but all over the world which come through the world. it was my first course social experience to live with the family in mongolia and i will never forget it thank you for helping me for discover. for me. how to work with this system is. we will prevail.
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i can't imagine my land. tenure there or why because if not for profit. not for profit and it's really important when i started this project of mine idea then to choose a country where i would have fed the best i actually have turned my mind because i realize that all countries to see to discover where to even i have already planned i could be free of all those so many places a month ago lately a whole so many of resilience and thousand americans so i think i will make a really big three four and always catch the first much as i can young the post i love certainty and my personal space when you could see i love being alone so if i have to stop somewhere for a week most likely i will choose a hostel go to still be a little forced when i'm forty years old i start my wall street read my letter i
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want to show the war. to my lack of it didn't happen after two years but i need my flying cars that's my view and no sightings it can't menace our interest people are working on different motives flying cars and i hope they would help me to make. this is to come.
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al qaeda is number two voices is backing for syrian rebels over their fight against the government in a new video that's been released the week of the washington play we've been killed . is growing condemnation of polish hooligans after the attack russian football fans during euro twenty twelve in warsaw it led to bloody clashes and the arrests of around one hundred fifty locals. but while julian assange waits britain supreme court decision on whether it will reopen his extradition case the u.k. voles a new pill that could prevent potential whistle blows from speaking out. below six pm here in moscow you're watching r t with me kevin zero in on our top story of militant web sites have released a video message from al qaeda as deputy leader calling on the islamists outside
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syria to join the rebels fight against president assad the u.s. claimed. libby had been killed in a drone attack in pakistan calling it a major blow to the terrorist group so that it's not clear when this newly published video is made meantime the head of the u.n. peacekeeping operations says syria has plunged now into a full scale civil war the fighting in the country has previously reached levels unseen before of ferocity as government forces seek to blunt a nationwide offensive by the armed opposition who had withdrawn from the international cease fire when a port has more and all the latest developments at the u.n. . the u.n. peacekeeping chief are a lot too who recently made those comments saying that the conflict in syria is now a civil war he is the first you want to fishel to have made that type of declaration following the fifteen months of violence taking place and ask leading in syria now of course.


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